The Egyptian Exchange Chairman Participates in “Future of Investment in Egypt” Conference
Sep 26, 2019
Mohamed Farid, EGX Chairman, participated in the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA) Egyptian Junior Businessmen Association (EJB) & Alexandrian Businessmen Association (ABA) conference "Future of Investment in Egypt, Vision of the Business Community", in the presence of the Ministers of Finance, Trade and Industry and a number of businessmen.
Farid said that the reform process requires gradual measures to ensure its effectiveness and impact on the performance of the market in a sustainable manner, explaining that capital markets play a vital role in supporting economic and social development plans for governments by helping companies access the necessary financing for their expansions and implement their business plans. The ensuing creation of jobs and the payment of taxes.
EGX’s chairman revealed the project in progress with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for restructuring the SMEs market as a platform.  He explained that the restructuring will take into account all elements needed to increase the effectiveness of the small business market, as it will look at trading systems, disclosures, listing requirements and other market regulations.
Also as part of its efforts to attract new companies to list on its platform, EGX is using its "CRM" system to build a large database for the majority of companies considering listing on EGX.