Palestine Exchange

Palestine Exchange

Established in 1995 as a private shareholding company to promote investment in Palestine, the PEX held its first trading session in February 1997. In 2010, PEX transformed into the only publicly-traded Arab stock exchange entirely owned by the private sector, and operates under the supervision of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority.
The PEX provides investors with a fair, transparent and fully automated trading environment. It focuses on attracting a wide range of regional and global investors including those among the Palestinian Diaspora.
Since inception, the Palestine Exchange has leveraged the latest technology to ensure maximum transparency, integrity and investor protection.  PEX trading is carried out via the HORIZON system and overseen by the SMART electronic surveillance system. Clearing, settlement and depository functions are performed by the Clearing Depository & Settlement Center (CDS) using the EQUATOR system. Both the trading and CDS systems are NASDAQ OMX products and are tightly coupled.
PEX is included as a standalone country within both MSCI and S&P indices, the FTSE Russel has upgraded PEX to frontier market status as of September 2016.
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