Beirut Stock Exchange

Beirut Stock Exchange

Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) is a public institution. It is ruled by the provisions of the BSE bylaw, stipulated in the legislative decree number 120, dated September 16, 1983 (amended by decree 4729, dated 30/3/1988, and by law 418, dated 15/5/1995) and decree 7667, dated 16/12/1995.

The Beirut Stock Exchange is run by a committee including a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and eight members appointed by virtue of a decree issued by the Council of Ministers, in accordance with a proposal by the Minister of Finance. The Committee’s mandate duration is set to four years.

In accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations governing the Beirut Stock Exchange, the Committee is responsible for the following:
  • Managing, regulating, and developing the markets as stipulated by the law.
  • Protecting the interests of the investors trading at the Beirut Stock Exchange.
  • Monitoring the activities of the listed companies, and providing adequate source of information to the issuers and traders at the BSE on an equal footing.
  • The Committee may also present to relevant authorities any draft proposal for the amendment of the legislative and regulatory texts relating directly or indirectly to the Beirut Stock Exchange, or any new legislative or regulatory text.
  • The Buy-laws of the Beirut Stock Exchange stipulates the establishment of a disciplinary board formed by three members and entrusted with the task of examining any violation of the provisions of the law, the By-laws and the circulars by Beirut Stock Exchange members, registered brokers or listed companies.
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